Sunday, January 8, 2012

January 8, 2012

 Visiting Jiang Kai Shek Memorial. Cool Place. Some pictures of Dan Shui. An exhibit we went to on P-day
 about the future.

Hello friends and family,

I have been on a mission for 1 year. 1 year, 7 transfers, 7 companions, 5 areas, 5 bicycles. You may have noticed that bicycle statistic is up one from last week. Yes, my last bike (an old dinosaur from a missionary that went home) gave in and the repairs were going to be unbelievably expensive. So I decided that I'm done with all these bike troubles, I'm going to buy a new bike that I know will last me the last year of my mission, stress free. So I did it, and it's awesome... because it's a road bike. Now I'm the fastest missionary in all of Taiwan. I'm faster than half the scooters. It's beautiful.

This Sunday was wonderful!!! Having to attend 2 full blocks of church because Elder Miller is with us can be very tiring, however, the miracles were awesome!! A couple walked in during our church block saying that they had a Mormon friend and they wanted to learn more. We were able to share a message with them after church and they set baptismal dates! Then that night we were heading to the church, when right out the gate we were self contacted by a man, and his girlfriend. We were able to show them the church and they said they wanted to be baptized. Amazing miracles right at the last minute of the week. I know that the Lord blesses us when we're doing what we're supposed to be doing, and sometimes he waits right until the end to bless us, after the trial of our faith and patience. It was great. The better part was the last couple actually live in our area!!! Our area is absolutely awesome, but it is so small, and we're always finding and teaching great people that end up living in the other wards in TaoYuan. It's a real bummer giving over absolutely golden people, but I know the Lord is putting them in our path because he knows we'll talk to them and give them an opportunity to hear the gospel.

Looking back on this last year, it has been nothing but amazing. I've learned so much, about myself, the gospel, about life, and I picked up Chinese a bit on the side. I'm enjoying the language more than I had before, and I can now read most of the Book of Mormon in Chinese. 

I got a Christmas/thank you package and gift from Edward Liang up in DanShui. It made me so happy!! Also, another cool thing is Elder Gist, my last companion from DanShui, is coming down to be Elder Miller's new companion, so I'll get to talk to him today more about DanShui. I love that place so much!

I hope we can all make 2012 the best 2012 we'll ever have. I love being a Taipei missionary, I love serving under my mission president, President Grimley. I testify that He lives. I know the Church is true and that CTR is a really good saying. Because when we CTR there is safety and peace.

Love Elder White

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