Sunday, July 29, 2012

July 30, 2012

Wow time flies... My companion will be going home in a couple weeks. But his home is like 2 hours away so I'll probably call him up to come back and be our member present at lessons. hah. The work in TuCheng continues to be amazing and there are miracles happening every day. I'm privileged to be a part of this wonderful work and testfiy of my Savior, Jesus Christ.

The biggest highlight of this week happened on Tuesday. That's when I recieved the news that the Zhang family that Elder Bogle and I baptized in ZhuDong will be getting sealed on August 7th, 2012 in the Taiwan Taibei temple!! I can't explain how excited I am. They're so amazing! I love them so much and I can't wait to see them become an eternal family. The best part is they've asked Elder Bogle and me to be the witnesses at the sealing. I'm so PUMPED! I'm also really happy they were able to prepare and get sealed before Elder Bogle heads back to America. He'll be leaving a mere 4 days later. I'm so excited for this amazing family!

Another cool miracle happened this week. We were out doing what I love to do most. FINDING. I was riding and a guy on the side of the street waved to me. So I pulled over and went and talked to him. He said follow me... so I followed into a convenience store and called for my companion to follow. He said "what do you want to drink, I'll buy you anything you want, what do you want to eat?" I tried to decline but he was insistent so I allowed him to buy me a water and sat down with him. My companion joined us. His name was Mister Chen and he's an artist. We taught him about the gospel and set up a time for him to come back. He also drew me. We said the closing prayer and as soon as I said "Amen" and stood up an 18 year old kid walked up to me, took a pamphlet out of my shirt pocket, and turned around. I told him to stop and asked why he had interest. I told him to sit down with me and he said he didn't want to there in the convenience store but we could follow him to his house. We went to his house, and he grabbed a Book of Mormon. We were shocked. He then said he was a former investigator who never got baptized because at the time he was investigating he didn't have a way to get to church on Sundays. Then he said with a big grin on his face, but now I have time on Sundays. Knowing he had probably seen missionaries many times between the last time he investigated and right now I asked him why he was willing to come up and grab a pamphlet and self contact me. He said he had a feeling, I asked him what that feeling felt like. He then proceeded to give a perfect description of the Holy Ghost. Overall that afternoon was one amazing miracle after another. Finished up by a long prayer of thanks.

Mister Chen came to the chapel 2 days later at his scheduled time to meet with us. He wants to buy me a bicycle and a whole lot of other gifts. He wasn't listening too closely to our message so we'll probably keep our distance for a few days because I don't want him to buy me something outrageous. Maybe we'll get a hold of him if my bike gets stolen. :) Just kidding.

Speaking of prayer, Elder Su and I were leaving the chapel after a lesson this week to go hit the streets contacting. We went to the entrance of the chapel and took off our bike helmets to say a prayer. It was Elder Su's turn. Elder Su was in the middle of the prayer when a passerby walked up to us and said, "Here is some candy. I want you to have this candy." Elder Su and I confusingly looked at each other, grabbed the candy and pocketed it, and then bowed our heads and continued on in the prayer exactly where we were.

This week our ward arranged for us to work all of Saturday with the young men and young women. They split us up and we took them out to work. Sounds great right? But, I got paired up with my man Jason, who was baptized here my first week and now has the Aaronic priesthood, and a 14 year old young woman. That day I had a baptismal interview in the other district in our zone. It's a long, hard bike ride, in the blazing Taiwanese heat. Not my favorite ride to make when it's me and my companion, but when it was me and Jason, and a 13 year old girl who had never ridden a bike in her life... it was almost unbearable. It was over an hour of complaining the whole way and us stopping mulitple times to help her with her bike. We made it though, punctually. The interview went well, and we returned safely home. That was one tiring trip! Toward the end of the day I reunited with my companion and we were both WIPED OUT! But when aren't we WIPED OUT! I'm always so tired, but so happy! The gospel is true and being a missionary is amazing.

I have a giant canker sore in my mouth, and I've found that my love for eating the Taiwanese pineapple has been very harmful. Anyone have any good canker sore remedies?

Also does every member of our family have the regular quad (4 in 1) scripture set? I need to know this info.

Also everyone should read the scriptures. Because they're the word of God, and I love the word of God. It tells us all things which we must do!

I love you all
Elder White

July 23, 2012

Hello everybody,

What a fantastic week to be a missionary in TuCheng. This place is amazing. The work here is on FIRE. Due to the fact that last week we had our temple day and we moved p-day from Monday to Wednesday, I don't know that a whole lot has happened since last time I wrote. We'll try and take it one day at a time. 

Wednesday. I went to the temple and felt the spirit of the Lord so strongly there. It was my 3rd time doing the session in Chinese. I feel like I learn more in Chinese because as I listen I have to focus that much more. It was great to go feel the special spirit of the temple. The temple president is my good friend President Horner. When I served around the temple last year we used to get up early in the morning and play basketball with President Horner and some other senior missionaries, so I'm closer to the temple president than your average missionary. The cool news is I found out he was Uncle John's mission president! I talked to him about it Wednesday and he asked how John was doing. He still remembered a lot of things about John, so that's really cool. The Horners are great people. After the temple Wednesday we went to have our p-day fun. There is a gondola that is closed on Mondays so missionaries can only go on temple day weeks. It was really cool to see the views over Taipei from the gondola. The gondola also had a glass floor which was cool. I have a lot of cool pictures to send home from that occasion. That day I came back and taught English class. We talked about bucket lists, all the things they wanted to do before they die. It was fun to get to know people that way and realize that 99% of Taiwanese people just want to make lots of money and buy lots of things. They need the Gospel!! It was really fun though. My bucket list included riding a Razor scooter on top of the Great Wall of China. It will be done.

Thursday. Went on exchanges to our neighboring area. Saw a lot of good miracles, but my favorite was Grandpa He. We were going to drop off a card to the Elder's in that area's investigator. As we were riding I saw this old grandpa getting off his scooter. I pulled over and started talking to him and we immediately became friends. He invited me up to his house, and so I called to the other Elder to come over and we went up and talked with him. He was Awesome! He showed us a bunch of pictures of his family and we shared with him that prayer can bless families. He asked us to teach him how to pray the Christian way and then he and his wife prayed with us. He shared with us a cool Chinese poem that really tested my ability to read Chinese... but I eventually got it. And then we shared a little message. We invited him to offer a closing prayer. He made a big ordeal out of it and didn't want to make any mistakes. He wanted it to be perfect. So he recited his prayer to his wife, who wrote down the whole thing. Then after he read over it making sure it was good, he bowed his head and said our closing prayer. They were cutest old Taiwanese couple, and the nicest people in the world. The Elders there in that ward will be going back to visit tonight. It was a great miracle.

Friday- Brother Huang was baptized!!! It was so great. He is so absolutely amazing. He shared his testimony and said, I've only been coming to church for about 3 or 4 weeks, but I know it's where God wants me. He shared his experience in meeting the church. It was quite amazing. Last year he had a serious car accident. It resulted in a couple different things. One was that because he nearly died he began thinking about the purpose of life, another was that it made it so he had to go get treatment at the hospital. While at the hospital he met Brother Tang, an elderly man and long time member of the church in Taiwan. This 70 or 80 year old brother shared the gospel with 20 year old Brother Huang and invited him to meet with missionaries. We called, he came, he was baptized. I love that story, because it teaches me a lot about sharing the gospel after my mission as a member missionary. This brother can share the gospel with someone 60 years younger than him, and simply give him an invite, that led to Brother Huang's baptism! It's really great. Another cool thing was that our mission president came to attend. Last week we called him to let him know Brother Huang passed his interview and I jokingly told my companion to invite him. My companion did, and President and his wife came! It was great, it was the first baptism they've attended in Taiwan thus far. It was nice of them to come because it's still a bit of a trip from here to the mission home. Before the baptism we had a lesson, and president and his wife came early. I invited President to teach with us. That was cool too! He's really eager to participate in the work with us, which is really fun! We had our investigator Brother Qiu's interview... he had some things we didn't know about that still need to be cleared up, so we're going to continue working with him. 

Saturday- I did a lot missionary work... One cool miracle was that we had an investigator, in a dream, have Jesus call him little brother and invited him to follow Him. Not too shabby! This investigator is super close to baptism!

Sunday-Partook of the sacrament. Did more missionary work. We had a ward activity last night where our recent converts were able to meet a lot of members, so that was great. During lunch we also cleaned out the fridge and freezer in our apartment. SCARY. Elders haven't cleaned that out for probably a year. Lots of expired, rotting food. 

In closing I'll share one last bit of good news. The DanShui bishop's wife is a temple worker, and I ran into her at the temple. She informed me that DanShui ward made their goal and they're building a Chapel!!! Great news!!!

Now for my favorite English of the week, the English we see here is truly amazing! "I fine out a sight of full of happiness, let me inform there to a someone." This was on the bottom of a card, like the kind you give to others for holiday occasions.
I'm loving Taiwan!
Elder White

Thursday, July 19, 2012

July 18, 2012

 Brother Jian's baptism

 This is sushi cake. It's just regular sushi, but the part that would normally be rice.... is actually cake. Super weird. They take 2 things I love, sushi and cake and put them together and it just doesn't work. Who'd have thought.

 This is my dinner.  We have a great sushi shop by the chapel that is SO CHEAP!!! that right here is $1.50 USD. SO CHEAP!!! I love Taiwan

We attended a family home evening at a member's house and these are the glasses we drank juice out of...

Sorry I'm late in e-mailing. This week is temple week! So our p-day was moved to later in the week. 

This place in incredible! The work here is amazing. We are so busy, tired, and happy. The miracles are innumerable. There are so many prepared souls. We have so many wonderful, amazing investigators. Let's start with Brother Jian.

Brother Jian was baptized last Saturday. What an amazing service. Fasting is real! He talked about in his testimony after his baptism--that the Lord answered his prayer when he fasted and he was able to resolve his concern with tithing. He's an amazing brother. He is currently doing his master's work at NTU, Taiwan's equivalent of an Ivy League school. He's a brilliant person who has truly recognized the blessings of the Gospel in his life. His baptismal service was great.

Now I'll tell you about Brother Huang, who will be baptized this Friday. Last time I e-mailed we had no idea he was going to be baptized this Friday because he was still pretty early in his investigation process. He is amazing! Super prepared. I've been in TuCheng just over 3 weeks now. He started investigating a day before I got here. He's super prepared and has full-heartedly embraced the gospel. He asked at the beginning of last week if we could start meeting more often. He wanted to know why he couldn't just hear all of the lessons in one sitting. We told him that we couldn't teach it all in one sitting, but we could begin meeting everyday. So we met everyday last week and taught all the material. We taught all the commandments and he was super willing to live them all. He is so cool, he said by paying tithing his money has way more worth than it would if he was buying stuff with it. After we taught all the lessons we had a lesson where we went over the baptismal interview questions with him and he was good on all. We said Brother Huang, you're truly prepared. We've set a baptismal date for 8/11, but we believe you're ready now. Would you like to be baptized next week. He said Yes. We set up the interview, he passed. So Cool! We taught the restoration to him my first week here and he's already getting baptized. The fastest I've ever seen. Also, when he began investigating he had no English name, so I named him Shaggy. 

Another cool fast. This 20 year old college student came in contact with the church because an old grandpa who works at the same hospital as him shared the gospel with him and asked if he wanted to meet with missionaries.

This is also cool. Our new mission president said he wants us to call and share with him the good news in our work. So I used this opportunity to have my native companion call the mission president and use his English to talk to him!! We called him last Saturday to tell him Brother Jian was getting baptized and that we had Brother Huang pass his interview. Then I told my companion to invite President Day to the baptism that night. President said that he already had stuff that night but that he could maybe come to Brother Huang's the following week. We were surprised, we didn't even know that was possible, but he told us to call him back the following day. We did, and he said he'd be there to attend. HaHa... so I need to remember to shave Friday. I really do love President Day's passion to really be with us missionaries in the work though.

Next big miracle. Last Sunday, the 8th we met with an investigator, Brother Qiu. My companion had said he had been a good investigator for a while but had kind of fallen off the map. That day we sat down with him and he informed us he wanted to quit investigating. He just had some other things going on his life. We tried really hard to give him a desire to keep investigating and the spirit truly was guiding what we were saying. It was such a strong lesson, and he agreed to continue investigating.  He agreed to come to the family home evening the following night. He came, loved it, made many friends. Then came to English class Wednesday, the baptism Friday and church on Sunday, as well as meeting with us missionaries twice last week. A huge turn around. Then we met with him the day before yesterday, Monday and talked about the baptismal interview questions just to see what areas he might have had questions or things he didn't understand. He was super solid, had a testimony and was living the commandments, but just had lots of little concerns and didn't want to be baptized just yet. So I invited him to read 2 Nephi 31 and we met with him the following day. Brother Jian, freshly baptized with the gift of the Holy Ghost and all helped us teach. My companion was in the classroom next door with a member teaching because we had 2 appointments at the same time. He read the scripture, and knew he needed to be baptized, but still had many little concerns. We went over each concern one by one and with each one used the Book of Mormon to resolve it. Brother Jian shared powerful testimony and was really able to relate to Brother Qiu, (they've become good friends through attending church activities) the spirit in the lesson was so strong. It's amazing how strong the spirit is when we recognize how strong our need for it us and let it guide the lesson. At the end, after resolving his last concern no one spoke. There was a long moment of silence, then Brother Qiu said the magic words. I can accept. We set up a baptismal interview this Friday and he will be baptized next week!! The miracles here are truly amazing!

This week I went on exchange in SanXia, another area in our district. We get there by bus, and as we rode out I was sharing about the Book of Mormon with the kid next to me on the bus, I don't know exactly what happened but when I got off the bus I realized I didn't have my Book of Mormon. I was devastated because that Book of Mormon is the one I've used for over a year now. The inside had some letters from converts, a few pictures, etc. I really didn't want to lose it. So I prayed, and continued working there in SanXia. During dinner we went to the bus station to see if it turned up. No luck, but what is miraculous is because we went to the bus station we were in a part of SanXia we wouldn't have been in otherwise. After we left the bus station we began contacting and right next to the bus station I contacted a guy who said, I work at the foot massage parlor around the corner. Go there and wait for me for 5 minutes. He was headed to buy his beetle nut (the equivalent of chewing tobacco here) really seemed like someone without much potential, but we went and waited nevertheless. An 18 year old kid that was inside the massage parlor walked out and started talking to my companion. Then the guy came back and invited us in. We taught them both a lesson right there and they became 2 new investigators for the SanXia elders. The guy I contacted was actually a former investigator. I didn't think that contact had any potential of turning into a huge miracle! 

The other cool miracle because the Book of Mormon was left on the bus happened the following morning. We were riding our bikes in SanXia, when a guy on his scooter yelled for me to pull over. I pulled over wondering what was going on. and he opened his scooter and said is this your book? It was my Book of Mormon. HOW he happened to run into us on the street I have no idea. That's a huge miracle. We were in a big city! Then he said, "you guys are the ones with the free English class right?" We told him we were and he said he was going to come. He also said we could teach him more about the gospel later. Really really crazy that he had my book and found us on the streets. Even better he'd been wanting to learn more, and had flipped through a gospel pamphlet that was in my Book of Mormon. I really think that it was Heavenly Father's will for me to leave my Book of Mormon on the bus. It led to some great miracles.

Another great miracle was that while in SanXia, I contacted 2 guys that lived in our area!! HaHa sorry SanXia Elders. But they set up a time and both came. One of them clearly had more interest than the other. His name is Chen Yu Nuo. Brother Chen is one of the most amazing investigators I've seen. His first time ever praying was at the end of our lesson, and it was so amazing, so sincere! He is such a prepared soul, and it was such a blessing to find him there in SanXia. Then we get to keep meeting with him here in TuCheng. Also, we met with him yesterday and he wore a t-shirt with Mr. T on it. Anyone down with Mr. T is down with Elder White.

The work here is so amazing. Elder Su goes home in 3 1/2 weeks but is still super focused. A really great example, a really humble missionary. I hope when I'm that close to the end I can still maintain his level of focus and his attitude. We have president's permission on his very last day as a missionary go attend his family reunion, where he will perform on his bamboo flute and then we will testify of Jesus Christ to a bunch of his relatives. It's going to be great. The best part is that it's in DanShui! The best place in all of Taiwan!

In other great news, there was an elder who served in our area about 6-8 months ago from Korea. He left behind all kinds of Kimchi in the fridge. That stuff doesn't expire, and is so delicious, so I now eat Kimchi Omelets every morning for breakfast. Yeah Korea!

The church is true. The gospel is true. It blesses us and makes us happy. TuCheng is amazing. I love my Savior Jesus Christ.
Elder White

Really quick, one more thing. This was a funny contact this week. I ran into a man waiting at a bus stop and began talking to him. He started doing sign language trying to communicate that he was deaf. So I whipped out a picture of Jesus, trying to give him something he could see. Then he blurted out "Oh you guys are Christian! I've been wanting to learn about Jesus, sorry I'm not really deaf." I continued to share with him and set up time for him to meet with the Elders in his area. Deaf until he knew we taught about Jesus Christ then he was miraculously healed. Haha what a punk, but at least he was interested. He was a former convict who had been out of prison for about a year. I thought that was a pretty good one, if you don't want to talk to people you meet on the street just pretend to be deaf.

Monday, July 9, 2012

July 9, 2012

Happy 4th of July!
   Me and brother Tsai!!! baptized!
 Me and Brother Chi! Convert

Dear Friends and Family,

Another amazing week here in TuCheng. The name of my area translated directly to English is "Dirt City," which got me thinking about all of my areas' names directly translated to English. There are some pretty good ones. Here they are. 

1. ZhuBei- Bamboo North 
2. ZhuDong- Bamboo East
3. XinAn ward in DaAn district- Big Peace District
4. DanShui- Diluted Water
5. TaoYuan- Peach Garden
6. TuCheng- Dirt City

Pretty good stuff. My least beautiful area as far as scenery goes was probably TaoYuan, and it has the prettiest English name. 

This week was full of amazing miracles. Where to begin. How about the 4th of July? I found out it was Independence Day at 7 p.m. that day, I didn't know if it meant I was a bad American or if just meant I was in Taiwan, busy doing Heavenly Father's work so it's reasonable that I forgot. Anyways I knew that I had to go home and celebrate right. So what did I do? I drew an American flag, taped it to the wall, and then had my Taiwanese companion put his hand over his heart, face the flag, and sing the Star Spangled Banner in his broken English, all while I filmed. It was great. I have so many good videos to show you all when I get home. They're too big for email. I'm proud to be an American. 

This week's English class was also pretty good. We taught about facial hair and all the different names of facial hair. I also found some finger mustache sticker in our apartment and we used those. I made the students use English to talk about what kind of mustache they had. Some of the English students laughed at me when I showed them my pre-mission pictures of my attempts to grow a mustache. I shave every day now, so I have no clue how my mustache growing abilities currently are. We'll have to see when I get back I guess. 

On to the greatest news of the week. Brother Jian. Great man, extremely smart college student. When I got here we sat down with him my second day and planned on setting a baptismal date that gave him 3 weeks to prepare for an interview and resolve his tithing and family concerns. I set the date wrong on accident giving him just less than 2 weeks to the interview... oops! But we fasted with him last Sunday and he got on answer that tithing is something the Lord wants him to do and that it's gives him opportunity to serve others. Then we sat down with him this week on Friday and I said we set the date for the 14th, meaning you'd do the interview tomorrow, how do you feel? He said he wasn't prepared. We talked about why and he said he wanted to talk things over with his family. I invited him to pray about it, and told him we'd go ahead and schedule the interview. When he showed up to the interview he said he still hadn't talked to his family. He said he prayed about it and said he knows it's what Heavenly Father wants him to do. So for now it's between him and God and he'll wait until after baptism to tell him family. His prayers truly have been answered by God the last 2 weeks. Sunday I gave him a shirt and tie to wear to church. After church he asked when he should give them back. I told him they were his to keep and his face lit up. It was so funny. He gave me quite the handshake. He was so excited. I'm so excited for him! BAPTISM!

There is a drink shop in my area with the English name Suitable Flavor. I don't know what exactly they're selling, nor what it is suitable to, but I might have to check it out this week.

One thing that has been great about being in TaiBei is we have the chance to take investigators to the temple grounds and do a tour with the sister missionaries there. That's not the great part though. The great part is that I've done it twice in the last 2 weeks and both times I've seen Brother Guo, my 83 year old convert. He's as active and strong as anyone. He was wearing full suit yesterday. Every time he sees me his face lights up. He's great!!! Somehow he knew that I was in TaoYuan for a long time. He truly is such an amazing man and he's so full of life! I love him.

Speaking of recent converts I love, the Zhang family should be getting sealed this month. I'm SOO excited!!!

This week also involved a zone leader council, and a welcome meeting. Both meetings gave us the chance to meet President Day and his wife. The mission is in good hands. They definitely bring a "southern" feeling to the mission. Southern hospitality, southern charm. They are really great people and really loving. I look forward to continuing to work under President Day's direction. The Lord has blessed me with two amazing mission presidents. 

I love being a missionary so much. I love Taiwan. Last night I was riding across a bridge that overlooks all of west Taibei, (my current zone). I was filled with the spirit. I was just so happy as I rode looking out over this city I love. I love Taiwan, I love the people I love this work. It's ALL TRUE!

Elder White

Sunday, July 1, 2012

July 1, 2012

I am in my new area. TuCheng!!! I can't explain how amazing this last week was. This ward is so much fun to serve in. There were so many miracles that happened this week. Let's start with some miracles.

In our blessed TuCheng area we have 2 districts of the New Taipei City, TuCheng, and ShuLin, which is across a river and takes a little while to get out there. This week we found that we had a 3 hour block of time with no lessons and I mentioned I'd like to go to ShuLin. My companion said they never go out there but that we could check it out. We brought some former investigators' teaching records that we could go visit while we were out there to see if they have interest. When we got into ShuLin we began contacting to these formers' houses. 3 Strikes=OUT. All three of these formers weren't at home or addresses had changed. We didn't let it get us down though, and we still were talking to everyone on the street. I began talking to this 20 year old high school drop out about life and the gospel, and it was apparent he had absolutely no interest whatsoever. But the spirit told me to keep talking to him. I had no idea why I was being told to keep talking to this kid without any interest, and I wanted to go find the next person to talk to, but the spirit wouldn't let me stop. I didn't really know what to say, but I stayed and talked to him about 5 minutes longer than I would've otherwise. Right as I was wrapping it up, someone pulls up on their scooter and parks right next to us. He says, "Missionary!" I figured he might be a member because those are the only people we get that kind of reaction from. I asked him his name, and he told me. After which he told me he'd been looking for missionaries for months, but he never sees them in ShuLin. I proceeded by teaching him a lesson, and he's coming back this week. Because we went to ShuLin that day and I continued talking to that uninterested kid, we found someone truly prepared by the Lord. Someone who had been looking for missionaries for a long time. Such a great miracle!

Next miracle, this one is great. I was contacting in the morning and met someone who said they had interest, this person set up for later in that day at 4:30. We had a plan to go somewhere away from our chapel to contact in the afternoon, and now, because of the set up we would come back at 4:30. We came back and waited for our lesson, 4:35 and he still hadn't shown. He didn't answer his phone. I like to wait for lessons outside the chapel so we can still talk to people going by. I saw an older man, maybe in his 50's on his bike probably 100 feet from the chapel. He was looking at the chapel. I went and talked to him. He said he rode his bike from 30 minutes away just to see this chapel. His friend in another area had told him about our church and told him the address, and he wanted to ride by. I, jumping with joy on the inside, asked him if he'd like to see the inside. In the humblest, yet excited way possible he responded saying "Can I?" eyes lighting up. We showed him and then sat down with him and set a baptismal date. He committed to come to church on Sunday and did. He wants to be baptized so bad. He loved church, and he is as humble and golden as they come! 

These are just a couple of the miracles. There were so many more. Like fathers on scooters seeing us riding our bikes in the opposite direction and calling us to stop because they want to learn about the church. Me yelling at a bike across the street to stop and him stopping, coming into the church, and becoming a new investigator. The work here is amazing. It's probably the funnest ward in the whole mission as well, with lots of cool younger people, and great families, lots of activities... and they are all so good to the missionaries. I've already been given tons of gifts and they're always giving us food. Haha, it's great.

My new companion is the man!!! Elder Su is an awesome missionary. Great teaching skills. Lots of fire. He stands at about 5'2" inches tall. Showers really fast in the morning so he can practice his Chinese bamboo flute. Has toothpaste that says "Guardian of the Tooth on it" and is on his very last transfer. He's a hard worker, and we get along great. I can tell it's going to be a great transfer.

There are some great investigators here as well. We had a 17 year old kid get baptized Friday, really solid kid, who loves the gospel. I look forward to having him accompany us in lessons in the future. There is a man named Andy Huang. An investigator of over 1 year. the last missionary here before me was here for 8 months and only met with Andy twice because he was just an eternal investigator. Goes to church, Family home evening, English class, but refused to hear discussions. When I moved in, I don't know how to explain it, but I immediately felt a bond with Andy. So we sat down and had a lesson with him after English class, then we met with him again on Saturday, and then he did a temple tour (a little bit about the temple) with us yesterday. He's actually progressing and told me he had picked up his Book of Mormon and started reading it again. This was before I even invited him to. He accepted a baptismal date. Everyone in the ward is shocked he's actually meeting with missionaries again. But I have a huge determination to baptize Andy.

Another great investigator is brother Jian. Really smart guy. Just graduated from Taiwan's top college, in one of their top programs. He is good but had some tithing concerns. That's what's keeping him from baptism. We shared with him more about tithing this week, then fasted with him that he could get an answer tithing is what God wants him to do, and really is God's commandment. Then yesterday we did a temple tour with him about faith. I know he'll make it!

There are so many other great investigators. This week was absolutely amazing and I can't wait to make TuCheng my new home.

I love you all.

Tell my sisters not to go to too many more Avett Brothers concerts without me. It makes me jealous.
Love Elder White