Monday, January 23, 2012

January 22, 2012 - Week 1 of Transfer 8

Hello friends and family, 

Another fantastic week here from TaoYuan. I'm really excited for what this transfer has in store, I think it will be a great transfer of learning and consecrating myself to the Lord. My new companion, Elder Workman, a Viewmont grad, is amazing. I'm learning so much from him and we're seeing success and miracles. It's so great, and I look forward to continuing to work with him and working together to help the TaoYuan zone continue to progress.

The highlight of this week, hands down, was Chen Hao Yun's baptism. He was go great, and I'm so excited for him. Really an amazing person who is committed to following the example of his Savior. Repentance has played a big part in his life and in his conversion process and he shared a bit of that in his testimony after his baptism. He talked about how he almost didn't come and meet with us after we had initially found him, but he had a feeling he should, and just a month later he is a baptized member of our church with the gift of the Holy Ghost as he moves forward in his life. Another cool sidenote, he's a Kevin Garnett fan. You can't go wrong with someone who likes Kevin Garnett.

Here in Taiwan it's Christmas, or at least their equivalent of Christmas: Chinese New Year. It's by far their biggest holiday and they're excited for it. Everyone says it's a buzzkill in the work, but I'm in Taiwan, there are millions of people, and I don't believe the Lord will be taking Chinese New Year off. And I know myself and Elder Workman definitely won't, so we're going to go out and continue to invite people to come unto Christ, and trust the Lord will put those prepared in our path.

This week we found some amazing new people. I would like to share one experience. Every day as we leave the apartment we drive our bikes out of the underground parking garage and turn right, because that's heading into the heart of our tiny area, and if we turn left on the road we immediately hit the border of our area. However while planning Tuesday night, I said I wanted to go out the door and turn left. And so that's what we did. I pleaded with the Lord that night to put those prepared out on that street. As we went and spoke to everyone, in the most literal sense, I met a young man named Edward Zhen. As I began talking to Edward about the Book of Mormon, he said he knows that book. It's named after the last prophet, Moroni's, dad who abridged it. I was taken back and then began talking more to Edward. His family had met with missionaries before, for a while, to the point of coming to church several times. He believed in Joseph Smith's experience. He had a testimony. We set up a time to meet with him the following day. I was away on an exchange but my companion told me how amazing and knowledgeable he was. He wouldn't commit to be baptized because he thought it would be restrictive and tie him down, but we will continue to work with him and help him gain a stronger testimony and resolve his concerns. It was a prepared person the Lord knew by name, knew where he'd be, and gave us missionaries promptings in planning to go there to meet him. It was great.

This week was full of miracles just like that. I love this work and gospel with all my heart. It's beginning to mean absolutely everything to me. I regret not embracing the gospel more and making the most of the wonderful learning opportunities provided to LDS teens growing up, but I can say I know that this gospel means everything to me. I love studying it, I love applying it, but most of all I love sharing it. The Lord continues to bless me far beyond what I deserve. I'm being blessed in every aspect of the work. I'm so thankful for this opportunity and the Lord's hand in my life. 

I'm thankful for all your love and support.
Elder White

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