Sunday, January 15, 2012

January 15, 2012 - Let Transfer 8 Begin

 Elder Erickson and me on his birthday.
 Bowling on P-day

 A couple of pictures of my planner this month. Notice the picture of me and Guo. (On the phone he told us he had planned to do a Christmas card but transfers made it so he couldn't. This would have been a good one.)

 My birthday meal, courtesy of Sister Lin in DanShui, a great investigator that spent way to much money on us.

It's move call days, and I'm staying in TaoYuan. I'm pretty excited about that, and I'm even more excited about my next companion. I finally have a fellow Utahn. I had to wait until my 8th companion to get one. My new companion is an Elder Workman, from Centerville or Farmington. He went to Viewmont high school. I'm pretty pumped because the way he does missionary work is fitting to his name. He's an absolute workhorse and a real all star in the mission. It's going to be great. I can't wait for all the miracles we're going to see.

Speaking of miracles this week had its fair share. One tops them all. Chen Hao Yun. I can't remember if I told you last week, but we taught keeping the Sabbath day holy, and he said he was willing, but he has work every Sunday. We asked if he would be willing to ask his boss for Sunday off. He said he would. That's already a huge miracle--few Taiwanese people are willing to do that. The best part is that his boss agreed!!! No one in Taiwan gives work off on account of Sabbath worship!!! It's amazing! So Hao Yun can come to church every Sunday now. Saturday we were teaching him tithing. He committed to keep the commandment. After we taught that we had taught him all the lessons. He was keeping his commitments and had come to church 3 times. His baptismal date was for February 4th, but he was so prepared. We asked him if he wanted to get baptized in 1 week (this upcoming Saturday), and he agreed. Yesterday he passed his interview!!! I'm so excited!!!!

The Lord's hand has played such a strong part in our process with Chen Hao Yun. One night before going to bed we were trying to straighten up our apartment and organize some of the papers. I was going through a stack of hundreds of old teaching records, sorting which ones were in our area and which ones weren't. When I found Chen Hao Yun's record I had a prompting to set it aside. I did so and continued sorting, then I told my companion we should go find this Chen Hao Yun. Well we did, and found out the reason he hadn't been baptized before was because his parents opposed it and he was 19. In Taiwan you must be 20 to be baptized without parental consent. Now 3 years later and 22 years old he can do it!!! 

Another way we saw the Lord's hand in this was by developing a bit of a relationship with his boss, before we even knew Chen Hao Yun or that he worked where he does. He works at a small cafe called Morning Burger, and one day my companion and I were in that neighborhood and decided to eat there. The food is amazing and cheap so we began eating there 2 to 3 times a week. The boss there loved us, and saw us always eating there. Then we found out Hao Yun works there, and it all worked out perfect. I'm just so excited to see him make this covenant this coming Saturday!!!

The rest of the week was fantastic as well. Taiwan's political elections were this week and so there were lots of rallies, concerts, and fireworks going on all the time. Lots of trucks advertising the candidates cruising the streets with loud,annoying messages playing on repeat until the wee hours of the morning. But that's over and the candidate I was secretly pulling for won.

I look forward to this next transfer, I think this is going to be one that I grow a lot. Elder Workman is going to be great, our zone got some great missionaries coming in, so I look forward to working with and exchanging with them.

Everyone have a great Chinese New Year

Also, Add Oil!!!!
Elder White

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