Monday, September 19, 2011

September 18, 2011

Wow, the first week of my 5th transfer come and gone. Time flies. I will have been on the island of Taiwan 6 months this Friday.

Where to begin. My new area is AMAZING!!! So absolutely beautiful. What a great place. It reminds me SO MUCH of Juneau, Alaska--the way Juneau sits on the river there, and how there's the bridge over the river, and the historic downtown and then all the hills. There are some crazy steep hills we take everyday, but it's a lot of fun. My other favorite area was ZhuDong--also a mountain town. My home back in America is right on the mountains. I love mountains!!! and DanShui has plenty of them. 

What a great place, but even greater is how absolutely prepared the people are here. I'm amazed at how blessed we were this week in finding new, prepared people to hear the gospel. I testify if we do our part, pray hard that the Lord will do his, and trust him, HE WILL WORK MIRACLES. This week was evidence of that. I've found my weaknesses made strong through the atonement of the Lord. If we have faith in him we can do whatsoever thing is expedient in him. It's expedient to him that the church in DanShui continues to grow and is strengthened, and if that faith is leading to action, he will make things happen. 

We came in Monday with not really any set ups for the week, and by the end of the week we were CRAZY BUSY. The Lord let us see miracle after miracle in regard to teaching others and finding new people to teach. I testify the gift of tongues is real. I love it!!! I know without a doubt that this is the Lord's work because I see him participating in it everyday and that became even more real to me each day. I followed a prompting to go to a part of our area that my companion never went to this transfer. We didn't know what to expect but because I prayed about it I knew the Lord would place people in our path. We talked with everyone as we began heading out there, and one of the very first people we taught was a college student named Hu. He is on the college basketball team at his school. He's a really great guy and he and I had an instant friendship. I shared with him about the atonement on the street and set up a time for him to meet with us. He came and met with us and set a baptismal date. He's super willing to do what he needs to do to know if these things are true and he's super willing to change his life. What a miracle that wouldn't have happened if we didn't follow promptings.

I'm so grateful for the Lord's help. I'm so grateful for this gospel, and the opportunity I have to share this gospel with the people of Taiwan in Mandarin Chinese. This is a gospel anchored in happiness and peace, and anyone who embraces it and lives according to this gospel will have just that.

My new companion is Elder Gong from New Hampshire. I'm glad you like his name, Dad. He's a really good, nice elder. He's still super green, actually as green as I've seen a missionary. But he's got a great heart, and it's in the right place, which is most important. We're going to continue to work hard this transfer and see more miracles. I'm super excited for what the future has in store for this area. DanShui is going to be LIT ON FIRE!!!! That's the goal. That is what is going to happen.

I'm glad to hear the family is doing well. Veronica, you're a superstar. There was no doubt in my mind you'd get this job. I don't know how anyone could turn you down. Keep up the good work. Go to the school the Lord wants you to go to.  Keep enduring your new busy schedule. When you feel overwhelmed, focus on the big picture of things. Everything will work itself out. You're too amazing. That sounds like a great job. I wish I was at home to eat all the delicious bread.

Congrats to Savannah for keeping her chin up and working hard. Props to Joe for being too good at basketball and for standing up for himself and continuing to fight the evil forces of this world (Kobe Bryant). Neosporin the wound, Mom. Skyler's farewell. Wow, how I wish I could be there. Words can't express how excited I am for him. This single experience will change his life forever. I can say that because of what this mission has already done for my life. Elder Holland spoke to us in the MTC and said that his mission meant everything to him. I thought about the magnitude of that statement and I'm beginning to realize just how true that is if we serve the Lord right. I wish I could be there so badly. Tell him he needs to send me his MTC address and his mission address when he finds out.

I love you all.

This week, down on the boardwalk I contacted a man with a headband, neon short shorts, ray bans, a tank top, and best of all ROLLER SKATES and all the accompanying pads. He was a flashback of like 1980 California beach scene. I've never experienced the 80's California beach scene. But I know that I experienced the Taiwanese knock off of it through Michael, the 45 year old roller skater.

I really am too blessed. The Lord takes good care of his servants. I can't wait to continue to help more people here in DanShui.

The Church is True. The Book of Mormon is true, and it's God's Words. I love it!!

Do good things.
Love Elder White

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