Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11, 2011

 Brother Guo's Baptism!!! My favorite is him with Brother Zhang (the other old guy). They became great friends. Brother Zhang joined the church 10 years ago at the age of 73!!

We had the opportunity to go to a beach for a youth activity where they brought investigator friends.

 The Grand Hotel
The real temple. 

a 5 stack baconator I forced my comp to eat!!

 The curly haired kid is our 1 week missionary Elder Tsai. The short one is Elder Chen.
 On p-day at a kao rou, Elder vandenberghe and me!!

Me and Brother Guo

 Pictures of the one and only Elder Chen

Picture of our District

Wow.... Move call day. Always big news. Let transfer 5 begin.... I am leaving my current area, the heart of Taibei City. I'm going up north to a town call DanShui. I've only heard great things about this place. It's supposed to be one of the most gorgeous areas in the entire mission so I'm very excited about that. There are also a lot of college students up there which I'm pretty excited about. I seem to relate well to them, get along pretty well with them. Here's some of the more crazy news. I'm now a member of our mission's youngest companionship. I'm now senior companion starting my 5th transfer, and my companion is a 2nd transfer missionary. We're incredibly young. Please, please, please keep us in our prayers. I know that those who the Lord calls he qualifies, but we only have 5 transfers of experience behind us.

I'm looking forward to my next companion though. He'll be great because I know his trainer was great. He is Elder Gong. He is the 1st Quorum of the Seventies Elder Gong's nephew. We're going to work hard, rely on the Lord to make up for our weaknesses and our inexperience, and see amazing miracles. That's the plan and that's what is going to go down. I've only seen pictures of where I'm heading but I wish I could show you. You, of course, can Google it. DanShui. It's a harbor town, with a fisherman's wharf and amazing ocean views. I'm very excited. It's the most northern part of Taiwan, so I hear winter gets pretty chilly. I'll need to bundle up.

It's been a really great time serving with Elder Chen. Our humor blends nicely and we get along great. It was also such a blessing to have back-to-back Taiwanese companions that young in my mission. It truly was a blessing to my Chinese.

This last week was very, very, very busy. I don't even know how to explain it or where to begin. One of my favorite parts was the opportunity to "babysit" (take the new missionaries who just got on island for a night of missionary work). It's a great opportunity to set an example of how a Taibei Taiwan missionary should work. And it's also an opportunity to see so many miracles. There's no doubt Heavenly Father provides great miracles on babysitting night to give the new missionaries a lot of fire. I saw some great miracles. The new missionary I took out was super quiet and shy, completely different from me, but our mission president asks us to take them out to "Dan Jones" (street preach). I brought my megaphone and had him stand up on a ledge and bear his testimony to a big crowd. He didn't like that too much, but the quicker the new missionaries can conquer the fear of talking with everyone, the faster they can be more effective missionaries. It was a great experience and we saw some cool miracles. We found a super prepared person on the street, and we also met a girl on the street and caused her to cry through bearing testimony of Heavenly Father. Crazy Cool! What a great opportunity to have a positive influence on the new missionaries.

There are some people I will miss leaving this area. Obviously I'm going to miss Guo Bing Jun, the 82 year old convert. What an amazing man. I'm going to miss Sister Wang. This week she had an interesting experience. She was pondering about the Word of Wisdom and if she wanted to try to keep it or not. She brought a big thermos of tea to her work, and started to drink it, then she got really sick and ended up in the hospital out of nowhere. She got really scared, and didn't know what that experience meant. But, she's now willing to try to keep the Word of Wisdom. I'm really excited, because I know she'll make it. She'll get baptized this transfer.

I'm so excited to get up to DanShui and see the ocean and the mountains. I miss mountains, both the mountains of Utah, and the mountains of ZhuDong.

I'm excited for what the future holds in store and to go up and meet all my new investigators, and find even more new investigators. The future looks bright for Elder White and Elder Gong. Elder Gong is probably an incredible missionary and I'm excited to start working with him. Getting back to speaking a little English won't be too shabby either. My English has really taken a hit these last two transfers. When I speak English, I use English words, but with Chinese grammar. It's really weird.

I leave Taibei's biggest apartment. I no longer will have my own personal bathroom. But I will manage.

Also in the group of oncoming missionaries there is a member of my U of U college ward!! YEAH! and a missionary from Lone Peak. I don't know him that well, but he was in my Seminary class, and we have mutual friends. He seems really nice. I hope I get a chance to work with him later. YEAH Missionaries!!!

Everyone go to church every Sunday.

Love Elder White

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