Monday, August 1, 2011

August 1, 2011

Today I start my 4th Transfer as a missionary of the Lord. This last transfer seemed way longer than my first 2 combined, but that said it's amazing to think I've been in Taiwan 4 months. It feels like I got here yesterday. I'm finally staying in an area more than 1 transfer. I will still be here in XinAn for at least 6 more weeks!!! I'm excited about it!! It's an amazing area with some of the most amazing contacting places in the whole mission. 

My new companion is an Elder Chen. He is a native Taiwanese, and I've heard he is super funny, so we're going to get along great. He is Elder Jhou's trainee, so I know he'll know how to work hard and how to have fun, which is the kind of companion I've been longing for. It's apparent the Lord wants me to get good Chinese, because my first companion was an American with solid Chinese, then I moved to an American with really good Chinese, then I moved to a Taiwanese companion, but could speak pretty good English and answer a lot of questions. And now I've got Taiwanese companion who doesn't speak English. My Chinese is going to get SWEET!!!! I'm looking forward to the transfer ahead and my new companion. I'll officially go meet him in about an hour.

This week had some really cool highlights. Obviously the biggest and the best was Guo Bing Jun's Baptism. It was the most amazing baptism I've been to thus far, and other missionaries that have been here a long time said the same thing. His testimony is so firm and strong. The spirit at that baptism was unbelievable. I was super nervous because he asked me to baptize him and I was worried about getting his 82 year old body completely submerged into the water. Needless to say I prayed really hard all week that it could go smoothly and we could get it in one try, and it only took one try!!!! He then shared his testimony and touched the hearts of absolutely everyone in that room. The best part was his 2 daughters that he always talks about came. They were worried they wouldn't be welcome because one is Buddhist and one is Catholic, but I talked to them on the phone and let them know they were welcome, and they came and I'm pretty sure they felt welcome. It was an amazing night. This week during my prayers I've had the coolest feeling that Guo Bing Jun and I knew each other in the pre existence. Maybe I promised to bring him the gospel while we were up there. And here is a man born in mainland China in 1929, and myself born in the U.S.A. in 1991, but we were able to meet up in Taiwan, and he is able to receive the gospel and the blessings from it. I couldn't be any more happy.

This week I also had the privilege of babysitting. It's where the new missionaries that just come in go out with an older missionary to learn the ropes and get a look at missionary work in Taiwan. I was a little nervous because I'm only a 3rd transfer missionary, and all the other missionaries doing it were seasoned veterans, and zone leaders. But I'm thankful the mission president trusted me enough, and I took a brand new missionary out and we saw miracles. It was a lot of fun!! And I hope that I get to do it again this transfer since there will be a huge group coming on.

I'm really excited and looking forward to this next transfer, I'm hoping that my companion and I can work hard and have a lot of fun. I know that miracles await around the corner, and I want to light Xin An on fire. I want to be TOO busy.

I love you all and you're in my prayers.

Use your agency wisely.

Love Elder White

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