Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June 13, 2011

Hello Family and Friends,

Another week gone by here in JhuDong. Many more miracles and blessings.

Last Pday we were able to get together with the Zhubei District and go to Neiwan, a small, really touristy town in our area. They came up and we had a good time. The highlight was that Elder Erickson, my trainer and I were walking around and found this guy that does pictures of people. He was just getting done with this Asian family and did a really good job. In the mission a trainer and trainee are called a father and son. So he said he wanted to get a picture done with his son. We thought it'd be funny and so we sat as the man drew us. Many curious Asians gathered to watch this man draw us, many said things that would translate to "I see the resemblance" and "It looks a lot like them." In our mind we were worried he wouldn't be able to draw white people. Elder Erickson even said it might just be a picture of 2 Tom Cruises with different hair. 10 minutes later the masterpiece was completed and we found out he can't draw white people. We look the exact same, and we laughed for about 10 minutes straight. We also sent a copy up to our mission president. He's going to love it.

The Zhang family is doing great. They are so ready to be baptized. They come to church every Sunday, and love it. They read their scriptures as a family and really study them out. They all love to read their Book of Mormon, and now we're beginning to teach the commandments. Saturday we taught W.O.W. and they already started to live the Word of Wisdom before we'd invited them. They're so amazing. They are what make this work so rewarding. I love it. We're meeting with them Thursday and they are feeding us Pizza. It will be good.

This week I went on 3 exchanges. It was good. It was needed. The highlight is that Elder Erickson arranged for an exchange and came up to Zhudong with me. It was really fun to go and do work with him again. It was also the craziest rain ever that night. It absolutely killed all success, because all our lessons cancelled. There was huge lightning that was striking just streets away. It was Crazy!!! It was fun to do missionary work with him again. We both anticipated being together for a 2nd transfer because he was training, but instead we didn't even get a full one. This transfer has been good though. I've had to stretch a lot more and been forced to step up my game and take control in almost all our lessons and not be anything like a 2nd transfer missionary. But it's been good for me to grow so fast so early in the mission.

My first exchange of the week was just for half a day while my companion was at special training for senior companions, and I was in Zhubei. I ran into Dan, the less active that Elder Erickson and I were able to activate there. He is doing really really well. He came up on the street and gave me a big hug and took a picture, then he invited us to eat food with him for lunch so that was nice. I've set a goal that in every area I serve I want to find someone to reactivate to full activity.

Things are good, and we're being blessed. This is the last week of the transfer, and then we have Move Call Madness. It should be an interesting one. You are all in my prayers. Thanks for all the prayers in my behalf. I shaved my head this week and my hair is now short. Taiwan is really hot and humid.

Love Elder White

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