Friday, March 30, 2012

Pictures March 2012

Brother Chi!!!!!!! getting baptized
 My latest major purchases: my new paddle and my new bike.
I also bought a backpack with the Christmas money

101 shot
The beach in DanShui

Me and Elder Workman in our disguises to get into the Taibei fireside... just a joke, didn't really try

 Me in an Aboriginal headdress

My fingernail in honor of Elder Erickson (now cut... I couldn't endure to the end)

 A traditional house

Us at a lookout on our bike riding p day adventure

  Me and Chen hao yun and his baptism

 Me and the Zhang family from ZhuDong

 Me and Brother Chi, Brother Chen baptizing Brother Tsai Duo An (my 3 priesthood holders I've baptized in Taoyuan so far.)

 Pics from Duo An's baptism

The last picture is me with Tsai Duo An, and then hopefully our next Tsai Yong Sheng, the body guard

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