Monday, March 19, 2012

March 18, 2012

Wow time flies. Hard to think this transfer is halfway over. I feel as if it just began. My companion has 12 weeks left on his mission... crazy!! He goes home with President Grimley so it's really weird to think about how soon it will be before we have a new mission president. WOW. 

This week was really great with the exception that everyone and their dog committed to come to church on Sunday and no one or their dog came. Well we did have investigators there, but not as many as was expected. We've got to get that soul to church. This week every other aspect of the work was great and the Lord just continues to bless us.

I think one of the coolest things that happened this week was that we were asked to attend a meeting with President Grimley discussing the future of the church in Taiwan. They want to make a 4th stake out of the 3 stakes in Taipei, and it will also involve the TaoYuan stake, so President asked all the zone leaders to come up and talk to him about boundaries and the needs of the wards in our zones and stuff like that. He then took what we presented Wednesday and shared it as he met with the area presidency and area general authorities on Friday. Pretty interesting stuff and pretty cool that we got to be part of a meeting like that. I'm glad the church is growing in Taiwan. Pretty amazing for a country with absolutely no Christian background.

This week we heard that Brother Tsai's boss will start letting him have the Sabbath off starting the end of this month. That's a huge miracle!!! Will his boss hold true to his word? I don't know. That's how a lot of the Taiwanese people are--they don't want to say no, so they just postpone and hope it's forgotten about. But if he holds true to his word, Brother Tsai should be able to start attending church in April and be baptized a few weeks later.

The Huang family went to attend the other church they've been investigating this weekend... Yikes. I know they didn't have a great experience at our church the first time, (I had a hard time staying awake through that sacrament meeting), but we really need to pray for them. We won't get to meet with them until Saturday.

This week was so full of miracles though! People that we set up last week and then never were able to get ahold of to confirm just came at their appointed time (that doesn't happen very often in Taiwan!) Saturday was amazing as well. After lunch we went to the church to use the bathroom and then head out, and we just began talking to the first person we saw, and he was willing to come into the church and sit down with us and we were able to teach him. The rest of the day until dinner at 5 followed the same pattern. Every single time we stepped outside of the chapel we'd talk to the first person we'd see and they'd come in. It was incredible. We never even had time to make it to our bikes. We spent 1pm to 5pm teaching 7 lessons, setting 4 baptismal dates, and finding 4 new investigators. There were even people walking into the church on their own. It was amazing because we didn't have that solid of a plan, but the Lord brought them to us. We're So blessed.

I feel so blessed to be working here in TaoYuan. This place is amazing. Our zone is amazing. I absolutely love it. It's great working with Elder Hauter. I admire that although his time left is so short, he stays so focused. I hope I'm like that as my time winds down.

This week we also were assigned for buying the food for a specialized training meeting here in TaoYuan. Stressful!!! We have to get something that the mission president likes, and President Grimley loves curry. One problem, the meeting was held in a different TaoYuan Chapel outside of our area, and we had no idea where to get any curry that was the right price, that could deliver. We went to bed Wednesday evening still having not ordered our meal, nor knowing what we were going to order. We prayed hard and were blessed to be able to hear about a curry shop that morning. We called them and they answered. We placed an order and hoped they could get it done in time. Then we headed over to that area to find a drink shop. We couldn't find one, so I began asking people on the street. A kind lady instructed me how to get to the nearest CoCo's and so we finally rolled up there at 11:15. I told the guy I needed 50 drinks by 12:00 delivered to the chapel. He said I'm crazy. I said I'd be willing to hop behind the counter and help them make it. He said no, but he said he'd try his best to get it done. We needed a miracle. Sure enough the food and the drinks came before they had said the closing prayer of the meeting and President Grimley loved his curry. It was crazy how well it all came together, because for a second there Elder Hauter and I were worried we'd have to make 50 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

I look forward to another great week here in TaoYuan. Our zone is setting all kinds of Finding records as far as new investigators and it's beautiful!

Love you all,
Elder White

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