Sunday, July 17, 2011

July 17, 2011

 A drawing an investigator did of my and my companion while we taught her the gospel
 with Guo Di Xiong at his house. I love that man!!

 Our zone leader Elder Binkinuan, he is a taiwanese aborighne and he's AWESOME!
 A stamp I had made. Yes that is my face
 These are all pictures from our zone's Pday, in which we cooked food and feasted. Of course I made my signature penguin waffles
 myself and my friend Elder Porter. He is hilarious, and we are eating peanutbutter and chocolate covered penguin waffles,
he ate about a dozen.
 our short time missionary, and eating dinner with Guo Di Xiong and the temple sister missionaries

  Milk Peanut Soup... SO GOOD
 With the Zhang family and other members in Zhudong at the church in Taipei, and then eating with them!!!

Hello friends and family,

Another week gone by here on the beautiful island of Taiwan. A lot of cool things happened this week. I don't know where to begin. I'll start with an update on Guo DiXiong, Brother Guo. He is doing absolutely amazing. He comes to the Chapel three or four days a week to read the Book of Mormon. He memorizes his favorite verses, he makes friends with all the members from all the wards that come and go through the church foyer, and invites them all to his baptism on July 30, 6 p.m. He's so excited! And I'm so Excited for him!! 

Yesterday we had a couple people to teach right after church so me and a ward member taught Brother Guo the 10 commandments. He made a goal to memorize the 10 commandments. He also has a goal to never sin after his baptism. I almost believe he can. He's too amazing. He is a happy, cheerful old man who everyone loves. A real example to everyone. He said that before meeting missionaries he felt like every day his life was slowly disappearing, but now he feels like he has a new life. He has 18 years (he wants to live to 100) to become like the Savior Jesus Christ. He is AWESOME!!

Maybe the best highlight of the week was going to the Chapel Saturday morning to teach a lesson. The person we set up a time with never came, but it was the XinZhu stake's temple day. I got to see some people I knew from my first 2 areas, and then..... out of the temple comes Zhang BaBa (Alfred), their daughter, and the youngest son!!!! The mother and oldest son had stuff back in Zhudong, but 3 of the 5 were at the temple, doing baptisms for the dead!!! Already!!! I got to take them on a tour, and then got to eat lunch with them. I thought it would be a while before I got to see them again!! We were all so excited!!! Monday I received a letter from each member of the family after their baptism, as well as some pictures of their baptism. SO AMAZING. I feel blessed beyond belief. A lot of amazing missionaries will go their whole mission without being able to baptize a family, let alone an entire family. I got to go to ZhuDong on an emergency move call, so that I could meet this family that I connect with so amazingly and help them come unto Christ. So amazing! It's everyone's goal. 

My other goal was to baptize an old guy (also a rarity) and I got that with Guo DiXiong. When you work hard the Lord places you in the path of those who you are meant to help come unto Him.

One of my favorite things this week happened while I was contacting on the street. I was contacting and getting rejected and contacting some more when I met Zhang Xian Shen. He is a father, and he began asking me some questions. He told me he had a family and 1 daughter, 17 years old who is Christian. He said he had Christian beliefs. I sat down with him on the side of the road and shared with him 3 Nephi 18:21. The spirit was so strong and as soon as he finished reading the verse he said, "Amen." I committed him to pray with his wife and daughter everyday and he said he would, then we set up a time to meet at the chapel. The day before we were to meet he called to confirm. HE called ME to confirm. That doesn't happen. WE call THEM to confirm. I got really excited about him. Unfortunately I would be on exchanges the next day so our district leader would come here and teach him. Our district leader said it was amazing! Zhang Xian Shen was loving every minute of it. They did a temple tour with him. When the tour is over the people are asked to fill out an info card. One of the blanks says Religion:_______ Zhang Xian Shen said "Should I put what I was before, or what I am now, I want to write Mormon." AMAZING!!!!! So we let him write Mormon. He has a baptismal date, and came to church yesterday and loved it. 

Unfortunately he is not in our area so this week he will be meeting with other missionaries, but what a MIRACLE. Finding prepared people like him is my favorite part of the work. I'm more than willing to be outside on the streets in 35 degree Celsius weather, getting rejected by literally hundreds, to find the one. The one prepared! I LOVE IT.

This week we had Jr. Companion Specialized Training. It was 4 of the 7 zones in the mission, so most of the Jr companions were there. President Grimley asked me to conduct the meeting. It was an amazing meeting! A lot of fun, and it was a really cool to be able to conduct the meeting. It was all about unity, and I learned a lot.

This week has been fun having our Duan Chuan, Elder Chen. He stands about 5'3" and is like a little tree stump, so stalky. We literally have no food left in our apartment, because he absolutely raided our fridge and pantry. When he isn't eating, he's sleeping. If we were inside the apartment, he was asleep, when we're planning, he was asleep, studying, he was asleep, getting ready for the day, he's asleep. I don't know anyone can have that ability. I have the hardest time falling asleep at night. He was a funny little guy and good to have around. I taught him how to shave this week. So I think he'll take a lot away from shadowing us.

I think these last 2 weeks of this transfer our going to be amazing. I'm excited for what the future holds ahead.

This church is true. Scriptures are powerful, hence the song Scripture Power.

Do your best and good things will happen.

Elder White

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