Saturday, January 15, 2011

January 10, 2011

Hey Family,

I emailed you, but I feel so pressured and rushed with the clock ticking down, and my long email I sent before getting your letters. IT WAS THE WORST because I tried to leave myself 8 minutes so I could email you again because the 1st email I forgot my journal. So I logged out at 8 minutes and then logged back on just to check to make sure I still had that time and I did, and when I logged out 5 seconds later it told me I'd been charged with a minimum of 5 minutes. So here is some stuff I left out.

I miss music and watching sports the most, besides the family of course. It really does have a prison feel to it here. We get to take a temple walk on Sunday and go to the temple on Mondays (P-day). I FREAKING love those walks. I feel like I'm breathing fresher air. 12 weeks here will be tough. Everyone in the zone says the first week feels like an eternity and then it all flies by. I can only speak for the first week, and it really did feel like forever. I've really wanted to quit (actually, just get switched to some English speaking stateside) but my setting apart is really nice as a reminder of why it'll be important for me to stick it out.

The temple today was great. I understood so much more. Walking back from the temple though, I saw two cute girls in a car. I really miss being able to talk to girls besides the sisters in my district and zone. A sister in my zone and district next to us is from Draper and worked at NLU a couple years before me. So we know all those people mutually. I think that's really rare that at such a small place, there are two Taiwan missionaries . She's going to Taichung along with almost everyone else it seems. We're way outnumbered as Taibei people. I think there are actually more Canada Mandarin speaking than Taibei in our zone.

Apparently there are only 48 missionaries in Taibei and over 200 in Taichung. I don't know the source of that statistic though. I've grown spiritually a lot over 4 days though. It's really cool. I never would have guessed that dedicating all your time and talents to the Lord could be so tiring. I would've killed for 8 hours of sleep back home and now I'm getting 8 hours and feeling more tired than ever.

I loved the bit about Joe, "what would Bruce do?" To answer him, Bruce would have a mustache if he could. I really think the church should allow missionaries to grow mustaches regardless of how trashy some (mine) might look. There is magic in mustaches. Investigators would flock to my mustache.

I miss you all SO MUCH. Please send pictures and lots of little daily updates through We only have twelve weeks of that and then it'll be down to only 1 email a week. So please!

Also, send me some of that tooth whitening toothpaste coffee drinkers and smokers use because my shirts are so darn white I feel like my teeth can't keep up.

Also, especially tell Skyler to give me updates about our ward and the U through and have him give me an address to respond to.

Thanks. Love you. Miss you. Send pics. I'm the only Elder out without pictures.

Zai jian.

Elder Bruce White


It sucks being a one suit elder, because we're required to wear suits at all times while at the MTC. Had I known that, I would've waited to get one perfect suit. There is a big group of South Koreans that came to this MTC for some reason. They are such a stylish crew. I'm So So So jealous of them. They all have like ridiculous iridescent suits with way cool gold buttons and just all the sweetest details and crazy cool glasses as well.

When you send my brown shoes, send my gray ones that I just bought that are the same as I bought for the girls and I'll send back my blue ones. Tell Veronica that I don't get blueberry or French toast muffins here, so she should shut her mouth. I'm currently sitting in the laundry room, which looks like a sweatshop. Now I'm bored. I think I've covered just about everything, I think. I'm sure I'll think of more while my laundry twirls...

Back. I bought a backpack from the bookstore because that Wal-Mart crap wasn't cutting it and so it looks like everyone else's. I had a backpack mix-up and I returned theirs but mine is still missing. So that's bu hao. I'm done. I'll write again soon.

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