Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bruce Reports to the MTC

After a pretty relaxed morning at home, we picked up the kids at school, came home and ate waffles and then headed for the MTC. First stop was the temple, where we took family pictures. You could tell Bruce was excited to be on his way.
Joe loaned him his nametag, which Bruce planned to wear until he replaced it with his own. He'll send Joe's back.We pulled up to the curb and saw TJ Farr. He ended up being Bruce's host, helping him into the MTC and showing him the ropes. This made his family very happy.

And he's gone. There were a few more tears shed today, but mostly it was a happy occasion. He's going to be a great missionary.


  1. wow. crazy. So cute. We are so excited or him. Love you all.

  2. Hi Karey...I love the pics, is there anyway you would email both of those pics with TJ. I would love it, Thanks for calling me, I loved hearing that he was able to help Bruce, I bet it also made his day.