Sunday, May 20, 2012

May 20, 2012

The last week of the transfer finished on a great note. Brother Chen Zi Ran was baptized and confirmed. It was a wonderful service and his testimony is continuing to grow. He bore great testimony after he was baptized. He was really pumped to have his sins remissed. It's so great when people have that kind of desire, a desire for the atonement to take effect in their lives. He's going to make a great member.

The next big news is that it was move calls here in the Taibei Taiwan Mission. It was a crazy one for the whole mission. I will be staying with Elder Sheng for number 5 in TaoYuan and number 2 with Elder Sheng. I finally have a companion for more than 1 transfer!!! The other crazy part is Elder Miller, who has been in TaoYuan longer than me in our neighboring ward, will also stay. It's at least five more weeks of faith and fun here in TaoYuan. It's only a 5 week transfer because President Grimley leaves in 6 weeks, and he wants to have the new move call done before President Day takes over. It will be so weird having a new mission president. I will miss President Grimley a lot. It will interesting to see how the mission changes.

We are still working with the Huang family here. The brother and mother are still coming to church but say they need more time. The daughter that was baptized 3 weeks ago is doing great. She goes to every church activity, and is growing in her testimony. This week they had their grandma over when we went to visit them. Their grandma wanted to learn and she even came to church with them this weekend. It was wonderful. She was fellowshipped nicely by the bishop's parents. We're meeting with them tonight, so we've really got to help them overcome their concerns so they can enter the waters of baptism. Sister Huang (the mom) has started paying tithing despite not being baptized yet.

This week is a little short since last time I emailed you was last Wednesday. This weekend however we had an activity at another chapel here in TaoYuan. I actually have no idea what it really was, but there were lots of elderly people at the church and they had a bunch of different companies come with tables set up. It wasn't a church sponsored activity, but they wanted a couple companionships of missionaries there to help out, and take pictures as well because the newspapers were there. I ended up bao-ing zhongzis. I'm not quite sure how to say that in English. But you take 2 leaves, fold them up, stuff them with rice and some other stuff, and then fold them into a triangle shape and tie them to a string. It doesn't sound too difficult, but I found it impossible. The Ahmas (elderly women) were getting pretty impatient with me, so with damaged self confidence in my folding leaves and stuffing them with rice abilities I ending up holding the pole that the strings were attached to that the Ahmas would tie the leaves up with. That was a lot more difficult to mess up.

This week was another solid week altogether. Last night, the last 2 hours of the week, I thought I was going to collapse I was so tired. We're going to go for a little bit more laid back p-day here today so that we can be well rested for this new transfer.

I'm looking forward to continue to serve here in TaoYuan. The ward was pretty excited to hear we were both staying. The other set of Elders in our ward are being white washed out by my old companion Elder Bogle and his new trainee. It should be really fun serving around Elder Bogle again. It's going to be a great transfer. I will continue to teach Elder Sheng lots of English he wont ever use here in Taiwan.

I hope everyone reading this can read their scriptures everyday.
Love you all
Elder Bruce White

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