Monday, April 9, 2012

April 8, 2012

Wow... Today marks the start of my 10th transfer as a missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints on the island of Taiwan. (That's the name of the church in English right?). My English has become really awful. Apologies. 

I cannot wait for this transfer to play out. I have been privileged to stay in the TaoYuan 3rd ward!! I'm so excited. The even better part.... my new companion. Elder Sheng. A native Taiwanese. He is sweet. I was his district leader back when I was in DanShui. On an exchange with him one day, I told him "one day we will be zone leaders together"... That day has come! It's going to be so great here in the TaoYuan zone, and in the TaoYuan 3rd ward. Elder Sheng is coming up from being a district leader and he's only on his 9th transfer. It's great--the 2 youngest Zone Leaders in the mission (as far as transfers) are together. It's going to be a lot of fun. Elder Sheng is an awesome missionary with a lot of fire, an amazing conversion story, and he's ridiculously talented on the guitar. This transfer will be great!!

This week was great! We watched general conference the past 2 days here in Taiwan. What a fantastic time it is every 6 months. Living prophets and apostles with restored priesthood keys and authority teaching and testifying of Jesus Christ. Can't get much better than that. I know without a doubt that Thomas S. Monson is a called prophet of God. He holds all the keys and the rights to the priesthood. I full heartedly sustain and support him as president of this true church.

Of course everyone asks the same question after conference "Which talk was your favorite?" It's so hard to pick just one, but I really liked the talk by Elder Hallstrom about being converted to the Gospel and not just the church, and the relationship between the two.

The work was great here in TaoYuan. We're are continuing to see miracles. There is some disappointment with some investigators, but there is even more excitement and good news. The Huang family!!! They are progressing so nicely. They are loving church. Reading and praying. We taught them the 10 commandments and the Sabbath day. And they committed to living it. All we've got left is Word of Wisdom and tithing and they are there!! I think that neither of these should be a big problem. They are so great! Every time I teach them I just don't want to leave.

Another investigator who's made lots of progress is named Tsai Hai Zhu (not my other brother Tsai). Tsai Hai Zhu has met with us for 6 weeks now. When he began meeting he was smoking a pack of cigarettes a day. Within the 1st two weeks of him meeting with us I taught him the Word of Wisdom and we made a plan for him to quit smoking. Right now he's down to 4 cigarettes a day, and his countenance is completely changed.

All is great here in TaoYuan. I cannot wait to pick up my new companion in a couple hours. We're going to see so many miracles. This work is so great. The church is true. I love the gospel of Jesus Christ, let us all consecrate ourselves to live it more fully as we live our daily lives and become better disciples of our Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ. He Lives!

CTR always.
Elder White
Sister Chen's baptism. The family is the Zhao Family, they were great in fellowshipping her. The little kid is their son. He is sweet and his english name is Dynomite!!

 some shots of morning burger. Chen Hao Yun's place of work, my favorite.
 The other huge burgers were 14 ounces. This lady saw us eating bread in the park, felt bad, and invited us into her restaurant to eat a 14 ounce burger, after which her worker became our investigator. Finding new souls even during lunch time... I love it!
 The bowling is the best district picture in the history of missionary work... it was our P-day activity
 Me playing ping pong on P-day
 The waterfalls are at an amusement park on Pday

 Those little chocolates cost a ton of money... so much that we were shocked to the point of buying them to see what they were all about and then eat nothing but bread the next day


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