Monday, February 27, 2012

February 27, 2012

What a great way to finish out the transfer. This week was amazing. Full of miracles. I loved it. But first I'll tell you about what happened with move calls. For the first time on my mission I will have a 3rd transfer in an area. I can call TaoYuan home. My companion, Elder Workman, is now the new assistant to the president, which will be sweet for our mission. It was so great working with him. TaoYuan is really on new heights. My new companion? ELDER HAUTER!!! He was my trainer, Elder Erickson's old companion and I've heard nothing but the best about him. He's been in this really remote zone of our mission ever since I've been on Island. It's going to be great. He is starting his 13th transfer. Is super hungry for baptisms. I love it! He's an Air Force cadet from Sacramento. It will be great. 9th transfer, 9th companion. I've been blessed with such amazing companions.

The temple this week was amazing. Other than taking out my endowment with so many family members all together with me, I think this was my most special trip to the temple. It was the first time I did it in Chinese, but I feel like I learned the most. Interesting how that works.

I remember before last transfer started I set a goal to "Kick family opposition in the teeth." I had Chen Hao Yun, the amazing former investigator, who the first time around wasn't able to get baptized because of fandui, as well as Tsai Duo An, an investigator that came to church every week, and met every week. He was told by his mom he has to wait until 20 to be baptized. Saturday night I achieved my goal of "kicking family opposition in the teeth." Why? Because my recently baptized, Aaronic priesthood holding, Chen Hao Yun, stood in the font and baptized Tsai Duo An. It was amazing. Did Tsai Duo An's mom know about it? NO, but he had approval from his dad who lives in Mainland China. Eat it family opposition!! It was so great. In the confirmation, the brother performing the confirmation blessed Duo An that he'd be a leader in the future of the Church in Taiwan. The spirit was so strong. I'm super happy.

Crazy thing was that 1 hour before his baptism Duo An called and said he got in a fight with his mom that day, and that she wasn't going to let him leave the house to go to the church "activity" and that it'd have to be pushed back to next week. I had him give her the phone and I talked to this mom that I'd never met but who I knew opposed us. I was praying harder in my heart than ever before that the spirit would guide my words. It was hard but after 20 minutes she said that if Duo An promised her he'd obey her next week he could come attend the "activity" that night. Duo An promised, then came and got baptized. :)

Our other investigators are doing great. We have our Aborginal body guard, still just needing to get Sundays off work and he's there. I really feel like this is the first time my investigator's effort has exceeded God's blessing to them. Not to be blasphemous, I'm just shocked at how converted Tsai Yong Sheng is. He fasts for work off, he prays for it, he begs his boss. He's in an interesting situation where he's making good money because he's a big strong ex marine, but if he doesn't do this kind of work he won't be able to make any money. This week I'm going to be bold, and invite him to quit his job and trust the Lord will provide. I'm going to share the story of Jesus commanding Peter to leave his nets, and follow him. It will be bold, I've got to do it with the spirit, but Yong Sheng really needs to get baptized.

One big decision I have to make is to whether or not take a shorter mission, and come home on 12/18 this year or go home late January of next year. I was leaning more to 12/18 because it would just make sense, but I prayed for confirmation on that date in the temple and didn't get it. Instead I received a flow of thoughts as to the reasons why the later date wouldn't be so bad. I'm not taking this as my answer either. I'm going to fast about it this Sunday. I'm just confused and I need to tell my mission president sooner or later. It'll be interesting.

I'm so excited for what the future holds in TaoYuan. I want our zone to continue to push to new heights and continue to keep improving. I'm tired all the time, in the best of ways. Spirits are high. The mission is doing great and our zone is killing it. With this month's move calls we have such an experienced zone, it will be great. In mission age, I am younger than any of the district leaders or senior companions in our entire zone. We've got lots of missionaries knowing what they're doing. I can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for TaoYuan this transfer!!!

I love this work. I love you all. The gospel is true. Period.

Let's all go out and kick Satan in the teeth by saying our prayers and reading our scriptures.
Love Elder White

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