Monday, May 2, 2011

May 2, 2011 - Hello World

Hello world,

This week was interesting. It feel like last Monday was forever ago, and I don't remember a lot that happened. So I apologize in advance.

The work this week was pretty routine. We worked hard. The Lord blessed us when working hard wasn't enough. We had success.

The biggest news this week is that I have a new companion. One of the Zone leaders in the area adjacent to ours had to depart a week earlier than transfer's end because of military requirements, so his companion is in a tripanionship with us. His name is Elder Jhou. He is Taiwanese and he is funny. The mission also told Elder Jhou to ship all of his stuff down to our apartment, not just what he needed for a week. So I will not be in Zhubei next transfer. It was a good place to start the mission, and I can look back and honestly say that I'll be leaving Zhubei better than I found it. I still have one more week to go out and give it my best in Zhubei. It will be a good week, I can feel it.

The zone leaders came down and stayed over at our apartment the 2 nights before Elder Duff departed. The first day of it was spent on exchanges with Elder Duff. It was the oldest missionary in the mission (23), with me. I'm the youngest foreign missionary on Island right now. It was fun. The whole couple nights were a riot, as it has been all transfer as the 4 of us have run around preaching the gospel and having fun. It was weird to send a missionary up to the mission office to depart, especially just being on island 5 weeks. Also having a Taiwanese companion is something that doesn't happen for at least the first few transfers of your mission, so it was fun to have a week with him. On Elder Duff's last night we went up on the roof and made a little fire.

In Taiwan they love Italian food places. But it's funny because the Italian food at these places isn't very special at all. In America it would be considered a very, very sub-par Italian food place, but here they are considered to be really nice and special, so we ate at a couple this week with members/investigators who wanted to go out and eat with Elder Duff for his last week. So if anyone wants to make some money, start an Italian restaurant in Taiwan.

Chinese right now is interesting. I'm going through a phase this week where I'm either on, and they are understanding me and I'm speaking well or I'm completely off and it's rough and I feel stupid. Consistency would be nice, but it's just some growing pains in learning this language.

Taiwan is getting hotter. An older missionary once told me that there are 3 enemies to missionaries: dogs, girls, and summer. But we've been given things to fight these enemies: steel toed shoes, companions, and mango shaved ice. The latter is what I wish to speak about. Mango shaved ice is the best thing to ever happen. Taiwan has a beverage chain called CoCo's. They make mostly teas, but they also have a lot of juices that are really delicious. The best part, they are about the equivalent of $1 American dollar. It's like a better Jamba Juice at 20% of the price, and in the summer they have mango shaved ice. It just came out and it is delicious. I'm excited because apparently all the delicious and good fruit comes in the summer for really cheap.

Our golden family is still golden as ever. Last week we gave them the Family Proclamation, and when I went back this week it was on their fridge. Their only problem is coming to church because every weekend they go visit their grandma who is on her deathbed.

This week we also found a lost sheep. He was baptized 10 years ago and then went inactive. The last time he went to church was a few years ago. We're hoping to reactivate him. But he's hard to talk gospel with because he goes all over the place. Last week he informed us that a 14 magnitude earthquake is predicted to hit Taiwan May 11. A lot of people here are getting nervous about that. So wish this little island luck!

Things are good, we're going to have a fun, successful week.

Love you all,
Love Elder White

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