Sunday, April 24, 2011

April 25, 2011 - One Month on Island

Ni men hao.

Another week passes by in the city of Zhubei. Where to begin? Prince of Egypt is on the mission's approved music list. Boys 2 Men did a song for that soundtrack, so I get to listen to Boys 2 Men sometimes.

I'll start with P-day. Last P-day was cool. My companion and I hopped on the train with the zone leaders who work in the bordering area and went down to the very southern tip of our mission's boundaries on Taiwan's west coast to a tiny town called Sanyi. We got off the train stop there and walked a few miles up to the small town that sits on a few streets built into a hill, surrounded by jungle. This little town is known for its wood carvings, and once you get up there, there are hundreds of little shops with AMAZING wood carvings. I wish I would have taken pictures. There was some really really cool stuff. It was fun to walk around and look. One of the zone leaders goes home this next week so he was there to shop and bought a really cool warrior carving. The whole town smelled amazing because of all the wood. It was a cool place.

After we had finished looking around we realized we were going to miss the train back that we were planning to take. We started running down the mountain so we wouldn't miss the train because if we missed it we would have to sit at the train station for 2 hours with nothing to do and we'd all be late for our appointments that night. We were running when a nice lady pulled over in the SMALLEST car and offered to give us a ride. We all piled into this tiny car and she got us to the train with a couple minutes to spare. We probably would have missed it if it weren't for her. What a miracle.

Our ward boundaries changed and we're losing all our investigators except the one family I wrote home about last week. If I could only keep one, they'd be who I keep, but it's tough because we're basically white washing Zhubei now and starting from scratch.

This week was tough, very tough. I'm rolling on a bike a missionary who just went home left behind. It's a blessing to have it and not have to go buy a new one, but the bike was having some big problems this week and I had to go get it repaired. Besides the bike problem I got really sick in the middle of the week, so I've been trying to get over that. I'm almost there. We contacted this city 'til we dropped Saturday and found 1 new investigator that doesn't even live in our area. Three different times on Saturday night, we contacted people that we had contacted earlier that day on the other side of town. It was ridiculous!!! I feel like I contacted everyone in Zhubei.

The good news is we finished Sunday night on a high note and had a really cool experience that made me realize how much God has his hand in this work. Sunday night Zhubei has it's night market that attracts a TON of people. We had a prime contacting spot right where a lot of people walk to and from the market, but it was very quiet and away from all the hustle and bustle. We were seeing a lot of success and teaching a lesson right there on the street when the sister missionaries in our area came and decided to park their bikes and contact right next to us. That was lame so we left and were a bit mad as we went a couple blocks over, but now I see that that's where we needed to be. We were contacting there when I saw someone across the street riding by on a bike in a red shirt. I thought that I saw the U of U, block U on it. So I started yelling at him, and ran across the busy street to flag him down. Sure enough, it was a U of U shirt!!! I was shocked. Got to talking to him and he lived in Utah one month with an LDS family. Right now he is in an English class one of our really good members here in Zhubei teaches, and we were able to teach him a bit about Joseph Smith and commit him to pray about it. He reminded me so much of Mehmet! We can't meet with him for a while because he's a senior in high school and they all take a test that literally determines their future so they are super busy studying, but after the test we'll have ourselves a great investigator. It was such a miracle! God put us in a place where he knew we could come in contact with Benjamin. God has been preparing this kid for some time now, and it just happens that the kid was wearing a shirt that made us run across the street to talk to him. Had he not been wearing that shirt he would have just rolled on by without us knowing. God really does amazing things in this work. It's such a blessing to have seen so many cool miracles and I've only been here for a month.

I'm just thankful that he trusts our companionship with some of the children he's been preparing.

The opposition is working hard too. It's amazing how many times we'll be sharing the first vision on the street or in a lesson only to have it interrupted by a cell phone call.

This week was hard, but our companionship is good, and we're having a TON OF FUN!!! We are getting along so great and this week we tricked out and customized all of our phone's ring tones and alarms with stuff we recorded. It was hilarious. President did a good job with pairing everyone up with trainers who are a lot like themselves. I fee like this coming week is going to be awesome!!! Having a great time.

Today we're hopping on a train to Zhubei since it's one of the zone leaders last p-days, and we're going to go play hard! I'm planning on eating snake meat!! I'm excited!!

The work was hard this week, but we had a lot of fun, and the Lord continues to bless us when we press forward in faith. It would have been easy to try to have a more relaxing evening last night after a long, hard week, but we pressed on until the very last bit of the week and saw much success and many miracles last night.

Elder White

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